Production Tax Credit

Continue to build bipartisan support – especially among Tax Committees and Party Leadership – in Senate and House to enact renewable chemical production tax credit. Serve as go-to renewable chemical sector voice (distinct and separate from biofuels) advancing agenda without being held hostage to biofuels challenges.

Farm Bill

Spearhead loan guarantee, grant, biopreferred and new incentives, building on succession of Farm Bill wins. Ensure robust, clean and timely implementation of congressional intent from hard-won Farm Bill language granting new authority in USDA loan guarantee programs, with Congressional intent to fast track renewable chemical projects for Section 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program loan guarantees, USDA-DOE Biomass Research and Development Initiative grants. Focus on increased funding and strengthening the BioPreferred Program.

Regulatory & Programmatic Parity

Enable and expand priority EPA regulatory treatment and DOE-USDA-EPA grant funding for renewable chemical and advanced material projects. Continue to influence TSCA implementation working with key Senate and House power players, and ensure parity treatment of emerging renewable chemicals is included. Continue to pry open and fund DOE, USDA, EPA, NSF, NIH, DOD and Commerce grants for stand-alone renewable chemical, advanced manufacturing projects, green and sustainable chemistry, advanced materials and manufacturing.

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