The Renewable Chemicals and Materials Alliance (re:chemTM) was founded in 2013 by an elite group of commercial leaders, all Presidential EPA Green Chemistry Award winners. Today, re:chemTM brings together and leverages the nation’s top renewable chemical and materials companies to deliver timely and impactful results. As a singular voice resolutely focused only on renewable chemical and advanced material priorities, our agenda is to enable access to capital and speed to market to drive this fast moving sector in the US. The re:chemTM alliance has garnered a reputation for credible, bipartisan, actionable policy asks and has delivered innovative solutions for many aspects of the value chain. While re:chemTM is relentlessly focused on promoting policy priorities to catalyze renewable chemical sector growth here in the US we also collaborate with and align policies to support regional, national and even international initiatives.


A seismic shift is occurring as the innovative renewable chemical sector scales and delivers ROI for step-change manufacturing and product improvements, with projected double- digit compounded market growth over the next few years. Federal and state policies to incentivize US deployment have lagged, as other regions compete for sector benefits in the global transition toward a competitive low carbon “new economy.” The re:chemTM alliance was born out of necessity — to capture and drive US deployment, by advocating for aligned federal and state policies to support renewable chemical scale-up and commercialization here in the US.

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The re:chemTM alliance operates as a highly credible group advancing a discrete set of renewable chemical and advanced material policies by strategic cultivation and activation of high-level decision-makers in both Congress and the Executive Branch. Our messaging cuts through noise and yields results, as it elevates renewable chemicals beyond “green” and “bio”, intentionally pivoting around economics: ROI, product performance and US innovation. The re:chemTM Alliance builds influential bipartisan networks to support pragmatic, timely and actionable policy priorities. Collaborating with regional, national and international partners, re:chemTM brings together aligned value chain interests, using strategic B-to-G and B-to-B activities, to deliver critical path incentives to spur commercial deployment.